Blue Moon Backup Terms and Conditions

Keep your encryption key and password safe. Without the encryption key you will not be able to restore your data. Blue Moon does not keep your password nor your encryption key unless you send them to us and ask us to keep it on file. In most cases, we will be unable to help you restore your data without the encryption key. You agree to allow Blue Moon Backup LLC to charge your credit card on a recurring basis to pay for your backup service. This charge will continue until you cancel your service.

Your card will be charged according to the current price schedule. The amount we charge your card each month is determined by the amount of space required to store your backup data including retention. The minimum charge is $20. If you are using less than 10 gig you will be charged $20 for that month. If you are using more than 10 gig you will be charged $2 per gig. You can check your usage in the statistics section of each Backup Report email, or by logging in to the web client.

Your order will be processed by hand. Therefore you will not receive an immediate response. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Cancel at any time. Charges for the current month are non-refundable. Charges for future months (quarterly or annual billing) are partially refundable.

Prices and terms may change. Significant changes as determined by Blue Moon Backup LLC will be communicated in advance if possible.

You are responsible to ensure your backups are both successful and valid by monitoring the status of each backup and restoring data frequently. Be sure you do not compromise the original data by restoring to an alternate location when performing a test restore.